Thoughts on the Vision Map

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel garment repair group in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


 If the outcome of communication is "what is conveyed to the other party" and "what the other party understands," miscommunication will never be resolved if we remain silent about "what I said" and "what I thought I conveyed.


In management as well, it is necessary to repeatedly communicate the "management philosophy and vision," which contain the thoughts of the management, in order to develop them into "our thoughts". One of my own efforts to "re-communicate" is a "vision map".


The current business repair is Restoration. By supporting delivery troubles, we indirectly support not only products but also the connection among companies involved in manufacturing and sales.


In the vision map of Niigata, we have drawn a trace of a jaggedly torn fabric repair in the center lengthwise direction with a smiley face symbol. Based on this, we will take on the challenge of becoming a platform for disseminating Nagaoka's attractions and contributing to the development of the local economy through "Creation" and "Placemaking" (Yoriito), in which people, goods, and information are connected with a smile.



Furthermore, although it is still a blank at this point, as a YAMADA Group, we will draw up a dream for each of our plants and aim to take on the challenge of realizing it. Of course, we will also set specific numerical targets, but we will also place importance on reiterating the thoughts that underlie these goals.


  Yamada Shusei Group's 100 Year Vision


   Restoration to Creation

  ~Turning Troubles into Opportunities and Expanding the

   Netw ork to Connect with Smiles~



      Management Philosophy

   We will form a network that sees value in circulating the intrinsic

   value of people and products throughout society.


   By fostering a place where the circle of smiles naturally spreads,

   we create a bright future that leads to the development of the

   local economy.