Turning point of one's mind

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel garment repair group in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


The NHK Cup, the final round of the Grand Prix (GP) series of figure skating, started on January 24th, and Yuma Kagiyama, who was injured in his left ankle last season, started on top with the highest score in SP this season. For him, the injury became a "turning point" in his mind.


The approach to training has changed from a method of doing a large number of practices to a method of carefully focusing on each one, and in order to further refine "expressiveness," the team welcomed Carolina Kostner, a bronze medalist at the Sochi Olympics from Italy, as its new coach.


Keyama describes his change as follows.


I have not been able to use my eyes, fingertips, and toes in the past. I used to be conscious only of jumps, but now I am able to skate with awareness of even the smallest expressions, so I feel I have grown in those areas. I appreciate that she teach from the perspective of an athlete just like me."


When I heard this comment, I thought of something that occurred to me as well.


Before I became a manager, I was only conscious of sales and profit for the current term, but I am now conscious of evaluating my company comprehensively based on BS rather than PL, and on quantitative and qualitative aspects, and on objective evaluation of my company by itemized indicators of safety, profitability, growth potential, and repayment ability on the quantitative side. I feel that the growth part is that we have become more aware of the need to objectively evaluate our company in terms of safety, profitability, growth, and repayment capacity. I have come to realize that only with such support can we make use of our management philosophy, 100-year vision, SDGs declaration, and so on.


Coach Costner also said, "I have told Yuma to express himself with the awareness that he must deliver his impressions to the children at the top of the hall.


I was also impressed by this comment. I know that as a business manager you have your ups and downs, but I was reminded once again that I want to do work that conveys enthusiasm, sincerity, and effort to make the most of the B products entrusted to us by our customers.


A "turning point in one's mind" can be described as "renewal of one's own preconceived notions." Considering that the more things are going well, the more pain and hesitation will probably accompany the renewal, "a pinch is an opportunity for growth. The environment surrounding us is extremely severe, but I hope that we can view this as a "turning point of the mind" and use it as a springboard for growth.