We do not underestimate the invisible!

新潟県長岡市 アパレル衣類修整のプロ集団 山田修整有限会社
Traces of cylindrical concrete samples taken

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel garment repair group in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


On September 1, samples were taken to investigate the strength of concrete at the new business café laundry yoriito property, where demolition has been completed and construction is about to begin.


The images below show the remains of cylindrical concrete samples taken from three different locations...


Concrete surveys are performed to measure the strength and durability of a building.In buildings that are not new, concrete may be deteriorating or cracking.These problems often occur in areas that are not visible and can lead to serious accidents if left unchecked.By performing a concrete survey, we can determine the current condition of the building and make any necessary repairs or improvements.


Similarly, in organizational development, it is important to assess the invisible parts.The invisible parts include the organization's culture and values, employee motivation and satisfaction, teamwork, and communication.These elements have a significant impact on organizational performance and growth.

However, unlike the visible parts, these elements are often ignored because they are often difficult to quantify and visualize.By conducting an assessment of the invisible parts, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and make the necessary improvements and changes.


The invisible parts are critical to the safety and sustainability of an organization.As a manager, I need to regularly check not only the visible parts of the organization, but also the invisible parts, and take appropriate measures.