Big difference in the same "shoulder to shoulder"!

新潟県長岡市 アパレル衣類修整のプロ集団 山田修整有限会社
Shoulder to shoulder carpentry!

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel garment repair group in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


The news "What is a social prescription that is not just medicine or surgery?  was introduced on NHK Ohayo Japan on August 25.


The topic of "men who tend to be lonely after retirement" was a very interesting one.


First, I was reminded that regardless of one's personality, consciously building "connections" with others and society is extremely important for maintaining one's physical and mental health.


Next, the key phrase "shoulder to shoulder" introduced the fact that in Australia and the UK, there are many communities where men gather to do carpentry work.


Even if they are not good at conversation, they can communicate through carpentry, and unlike face-to-face communication, shoulder-to-shoulder communication is more natural.


This would make it easier for even the most reclusive type of man to communicate, and would be an initiative to prevent various risks due to loneliness.


In Japanese, the word "shoulder to shoulder" can also mean "an inferior standing on an equal footing with a superior. The same word, on the other hand, can mean "together/cooperating". This difference is very significant.