About the Secret to Success

新潟県長岡市 アパレル衣類修整のプロ集団 山田修整有限会社
Once you decide, your information-gathering antennae will be up.

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel clothing repair company in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


Last month, I went to "Yoshimoto Comedy Live in Uonuma 2023". I like comedy itself, and since Punk Boo Boo was going to perform, I couldn't help but buy a ticket. The venue was filled with laughter, applause, and clapping, and I had a great time. 


It was really timely, because just that morning, a quote from Chihara Jr. was introduced in a training video on setting purpose goals.


The words are as follows.


”There is no way that funny things happen only around comedians. But we live our lives determined to tell interesting stories to people. That's why we get caught up in the funny stuff."


I think that's true. As for the management blog, I have been writing and not writing, continuing and pausing, and so on... but for the past month or so, I have continued to make the decision to write every day for the first time in many years. I feel that the probability of information being caught in my own net to find topics in my daily life that are relevant to the managerial blog has increased.


By "deciding," the amount and accuracy of information gathering increases, and "keeping going and not stopping" will eventually lead to success.


We can learn from the words of great people that the "secret of success" is to keep focusing and persevering with one's efforts.


 Isaac Newton, the discoverer of universal gravitation, said, "I just think about it all the time, all the year round”.                                   


 Thomas Edison, the king of inventors, said, " Of course, we can't ignore the problem of innate ability, but it's still a bonus. But still, this is a bonus. But it is still an added bonus. This is the most important quality and the key to success”.


 For a business manager, the secret of success is to "live with a goal in mind that makes you feel good about yourself.