Sorting out business

新潟県長岡市 アパレル衣類修整のプロ集団 山田修整有限会社
Sorting creates "awareness".

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei Ltd., a professional apparel clothing repair group in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. 


The sorting of business operations can also be referred to as "business inventory.



The reality of small- and medium-sized companies is that managers tend to be "Anything Goes”. Even if you talk about duties and responsibilities in a logical way, it is not realistic because it is not enough to do only the fixed job descriptions, and in the first place, you have to do it by yourself because you cannot conveniently find the right personnel.


I myself am the same way, but on the other hand, I also had this problem.



If I just add more things to what I have been doing, I will be even busier. What is the original "president's job" in the first place? In the busy season, there is the busyness of the busy season and the difficulty of doing things in the busy season, and in the off-season, there is the difficulty of doing things in the off-season. This means that we will be busy, busy, busy all year round! It's hard, hard, hard!" It's just more and more "Busy, busy, busy! It's a bit depressing....


With this in mind, I felt that I needed to take this opportunity to "take stock" of my operations, just as there is an "inventory" in product management.


I realized that, as is the case with organizational charts, when you actually visualize the situation, various "insights and ideas" can be generated from it. Furthermore, I felt that not only I but also all the leaders were facing the same situation, so we decided to start a company-wide inventory of operations.


The goal of this initiative is to create a "workplace where each and every employee can thrive and play an active role.



In addition, the following secondary effects can be expected.


In the "hiring process," it enables the company to communicate specific job descriptions and required skills to applicants, thereby avoiding candidates who do not meet the requirements and reducing the risk of early turnover by preventing image gaps before and after the candidate joins the company.


In the area of personnel evaluation, the results required for the job can be clarified, making it easier to compare current results with expectations, and also serving as a basis for making decisions regarding salary setting, promotion, demotion, and dismissal, thereby reducing legal risks.


In the area of "workplace revitalization," it can provide appropriate training opportunities when skills are lacking, make it easier to set goals for career advancement, and promote proactive growth.



Envisioning such a bright future,  I would like to break out of  negative cycle 

of "I'm busy, busy, busy! and grow into a strong team by involving my team members.