The need to change the "landscape" of daily life

新潟県長岡市 アパレル衣類修整のプロ集団 山田修整有限会社
Are you aware of what is a "normal view" for you?

I am Yoshida, president of Yamada Shusei, a professional apparel clothing repair company in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.


All tasks can be divided into four categories based on the two axes of "urgency" and "importance.


In the figure below, area A is for tasks that are both high in "importance" and "urgency," area B is for tasks that are high in "importance" but low in "urgency," area C is for tasks that are high in "urgency" but low in "importance," and area D is for tasks that are low in both "importance" and "urgency.






 Once again, I realize that for me, posting a blog is a B area. This area is where important tasks that create "value for the future" are categorized. In addition, it is said that in the long run, the area where time should be spent is in area B. However, if we are too preoccupied with tasks that are not urgent, we may end up spending too much time on them and not getting the results we really need. 


 Regardless of industry or business type, we are now entering a phase in which it is no longer possible to continue on the same path as before, so managers in particular need to stop and look back at the current situation.


 However, humans do not like change and have a tendency to drift toward "forgetting," "resisting," or "neglecting. What I recommend is to change the "scenery" of your daily life. This means intentionally taking in information that is different from the usual.


 Specifically, redecorating your room, changing your commuting route, changing the priority of routine work, changing the layout of your workplace, meeting people with different connections than usual, going out into nature, viewing art at a museum, seeing a movie or play at a theater, etc.


 If you need to "change your behavior" rather than "refresh," you may need to sift through your values and push yourself, even with the help of experts, by interacting with people who are incompatible with you, or by researching "sources" of information that differ from your own views. 


 I myself am in the middle of this process right now.